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    i wear glasses and am worried about purchasing one of those over the ear sets. any advice? at work, i wear an over the head set - with just one ear covered. i love that but don't see any headsets like it. what is comfie and stays on without bugging those of us with glasses???
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    I also wear glasses (wire-rimmed), and have no confort issues with either of my BT headsets - a Jabra BT250 and a Motorolla HS810. The 810 might be slightly more comfortable, but the Jabra (with its in-ear earpiece) is far easier to hear (note I don't have any of the the volume-boosting apps on my 650).

    Of course, the normal 650 BT issues affect both - summed up as "it mostly works well".

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    I too am just jumping into teh BT fray with my new 650.

    However, I gather from allot of posts that allot of goo BT headsets do not work well with the T650.

    It would be nice if we could add a sticky to this type of discussion that would allow a listing of what works well with the T650 and what does not.

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    I've been through a lot of headsets. I found the Voyager 510 to be the best overall.

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