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    What is the best or easiest way for me to get updated weather info on my Verizon 650? I still find web browsing cumbersome on this device. Are there other weather solutions?
    Alan Mushnick
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    I use xWeather by Moxsi ( It accesses the NOAA weather report for my area in a very user-friendly format. I can have several area profiles stored, and it seamlessly moves from one to the other. I used this program a lot on a recent vacation when it was really important to know where the rain was heading and when. Great program, great support.
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    You can use programs such as Treo Alarm ( and Weather Manager ( to do this as well.
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    xWeather is a great app. Also Cool Weather is simple and straight forward but you need to surf the web to get it.
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    I primarily use 4Cast ( but have tried xWeather & it seems like a nice interface as well.
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    Another vote for TreoAlarm. It works blazingly fast, is easy to switch between different cities, and HEY, it makes a great travel alarm clock too.

    I reviewed it on my blog, over at:

    Progress? Well, at least I can get color traffic maps now...
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    Use 4cast. Shimon, the developer, is a T|C member. You can talk to him in the shsh forum.
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    Another vote for 4cast. Very easy to use, and you can integrate with 2day.
    - Jeeman
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    just wondering.... I notice 4cast does allow "off-line" sync. TreoAlarm doesn't seem to permit this. is this true?
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    yes - sync the weather on-line or during a hotsync (you will still need an internet connection on your pc for the hotsync tho - uses yahoo weather I think)
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    xWeather will sync any time you ask it to over the air. Really, you ought to give it a try. Very handsome interface and easy to use.
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    xWeather user here! It has radar and satellite images, forecasts, etc. Very nice.
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    I use Treo Alarm
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    BTW - 4cast now has sat maps too

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