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    I dont need it. I just am addicted to gadgets. I NEVER use the calander or notes or most of the PDA crap. I use the PIM extensively though. Some people are a little shocked at the information I log about them. I would be ok using something else, if it had a keyboard. I will never use another device full time without a keyboard. Now when I move to GSM, I will have a Hermes and whatever small flip is available, or something like the Cingular 2125.
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    My 600 through Sprint died and I decided, as I rarely used all the features of the 600, that I would downsize. BIG MISTAKE. Although I loved the A900, I hated not being able to sync my contacts. My house was broken into & they got my laptop and A900, so I lost all addresses, phone #s, email addresses, etc. I knew I would go back to a Treo, upgrading to the 650. The only reason I switched to VZW is that most of my friends & all managers, etc. at work are on VZW, so save a boat-load of minutes per month by switching. Now that I again have a Treo, I know that I will never go back to a "regular" phone until they come up with one that actually "syncs" with Outlook.

    Basically, my advice . . . DON'T DO IT!!!!
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