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    A San Antonio man witlessly left his sparkling new treo 650 on the saddlebag of his motorcycle when he left work today. The man rode about a mile from the parking garage before he remembered his mistake. This was the first time when it had left his thoughts since the previous Friday when he purchaced it with his life savings.

    He returned and reported the loss to the security staff of his company but no one had reported finding it in the parking garage.

    The man searched his path for two hours but to no avail. After contacting Cingular and finding out there was not much they could do because treos can not be insured and the insurance on the phone he upgraded from did not cover the treo, the man went home, ate a sausage and took his laptop out in the dirt to weep and post on the treo central site.

    The whearabouts of the treo are unknown.

    In lew of flowers, please send paypal donations to
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    Damn....Sorry Snake.

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    The anguish must be really, really bad. Of course there was not a utility in sight of the SD card to turn it off, to wipe it out, to do any of those things we know we should do.

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    Sorry, man.
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    moral of the story, when on your cycle keep your Treo safely tucked away...
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    Ask not for whom the Treo no longer rings, it no longer rings for thee...
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    It is VERY rare for me to put my Treo down anywhere. It stays in my hand or in my pocket.
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    If, no... when you replace it, look at safeware. I insure my notebook through them and they insure other portable electronics as well. For now, check your auto/homeowners. You may have coverage. Some of them will have affordable rider policies as well.
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    I'm suprised Cingular insurance won't cover it. I pulled my pants down and bent over and took the Verizon insurance for just such an occasion. Sounds exactly like something I would do, especially when riding my Triumph.

    I also payed with my American Express Blue card because they usually cover stuff too. I had a laptop stolen that I had purchased with it and they covered it in full. Did you use a credit card?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tonylmiller
    It is VERY rare for me to put my Treo down anywhere. It stays in my hand or in my pocket.
    Amen to that Tony! Either in my hot hands, or in my hot pockets! Sometimes I leave it on the desk for 10 minutes to recharge, but I'm always aware of it.

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    yeah, me too, I always know where it is.... until it happens...
    - Jeeman
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    I have done that before, so I feel your pain. I am glad Sprint allows Treos to be covered by their ins carrier.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JeeMan
    yeah, me too, I always know where it is.... until it happens...
    *it* ?
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    There is a company that will help increase the odds of getting lost items returned. Stickers for cell, laptop, keyrings etc. It works as a friend got his cell back
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    perk up chap buy a sprint treo 650 on line. The price online is cheaper sevice is crappy but at least it is insureable.
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    Can't. Cingular owns my imortal soul.
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    This could be too freaky if it worked out.
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    It has happend to all of us, i remember when the first day with my 600 had it in the slip case someone called my name and as i turned around sure enough it went flying no damage having said that. At least you wont be doing that again now.
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    That sucks. So he was paying for insurance that didn't cover the phone he had?
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    I lost my tungsten t2 when I left it on the roof of my Mustang a few years back.

    poor guy ... hung on for nearly a mile. I found his remains scattered over 1/4 mile after he was run over by several cars. only the sd card survived. :-(
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