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    Fastmail stopped pulling my hotmail/msn email about midnight May 10, 2006. It is not coming to my desktop. Needless to say, when I run Snappermail on my Treo 600 (T-Mobile), it does not pull any emails from Fastmail as Fastmail quit pulling.

    Anyone know what is going on? My account is paid up, etc. and I checked the settings. All seems okay.

    Thanks for any help.

    Robert in Austin, Texas
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    I have two different accounts there and they are working fine.
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    No problems here either...
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    try resetting your phone, or if it is a Treo just wait 30 minutes and it will most likely reset itself...
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    For future reference, you may want to check here

    Some services down
    May 11th, 2006 12:32 am GMT (click to see in your timezone)

    Web or IMAP services may currently be down for some users. It appears one of the frontend servers has frozen in a way that isnít allowing the other frontend to take up itís services. Weíre investigating.

    Update: All services back to normal again. The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

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    Hi, guys or gals and thanks a lot. I am fixed!! I paste here at the end of this a post I just did on Brighthand. It contains the Fastmail tech response. I am glad Fastmail sponsors and monitors their board. BTW, I had tried all the tricks such as soft reset of the Treo. Problem was that my desktop Fastmail quit pulling. It was not a smartphone device issue in my opinion.

    BTW, Gfunk is still da man!! I see he posted here. He be da dude that steered me back in about March 2004 to Fastmail and maybe Snappermail when I was a Treo newbie and needed mentoring due to having MSN as my ISP and email. Thanks, again, gfunk.

    Oh, I think I posted on this a few months ago. My Treo quit permitting Hotsync downloads and it quit, as I now recall, allowing web access and I think it was not pulling emails. Whatever, there were several vexing problems. I posted here and around, etc. Anyway, I finally conferred with T-Mobile tech support. Turned out they had to reset my account at their level. The tech guy, in India I think, reset it while we were on the phone and it fixed the issue.

    Dayum, more. I never dream about tech or work but last night I dreamed that my Treo screen shattered like plate glass shattering and that I could see the innards like a computer card and yet it still would ring with incoming calls yet no screen to tap, etc. Well, was nice to awaken and my baby was right there, functioning just fine thank you......

    Bye guys and gals.

    May 12, 2006, about 948 am Texas time.

    Last evening the tech below posted on the Fastmail forum board the following and about an hour or so after I noticed the reply my Fastmail started working okay (whew!). I am glad I posted my problem on that forum, which I believe Fastmail sponsors. They obviously monitor it.

    It appears one of the pop retrieve schedulers on a backend died. Normally it should automatically be restarted, but for some reason it wasnt. I've restarted it now.


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