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    I finally got my mp3's onto a SD. Now when I try and play the songs the treo reboots. Whats up with this...
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    Such is the Palm experience, I've used a Tungsten T, zire 72, and now have a treo 650, every one I've used reboots seemly randomly during different activities. I have no idea why. Does it do it every time? or just once in a while?
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    everytime I try and play a song, I cant even get the song to start.
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    Did you read all the other threads about where / how to put the files on the card ?

    Here's a couple of them.
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    You aren't giving us very much information. If you want help, tell us some details of your setup and what you have tried. Also, have you tried searching or reviewing the threads in the multimedia section? There are a number of recent ones about troubleshooting mp3 playback.

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