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    I just got a Treo 650 GSM on Cingular And I really like it. I had been 100% Palm OSer since the U.S. Robotics days and my most recent Palm OS device was a T3 which I really liked too but, Feburary 2005 , I was lured away to the Dark Side by the Dell Axim's super hot processor. It was a pretty cool machine but not very reliable and the MSM file system is even more silly than Palm's. Which point, brings me to the questions...

    1. Is there any good software for managing RAM/Storage card (filesystem) stuff? I'd also very much like to install a random file on the card without being told there is not an app associated with it. Yes, i want to use my treo a mule for non-treo files.

    2. Why the bloody hell doesn't PALM make it a part of the operating system? One of the big reasons I left Palm was that it suddenly dawned on me that I had no control over where applications put and found their files. I thought the situation might be better on the Dark Side but i found it to be even worse!

    My t3 would lock up if it got anywhere near out of RAM. But a reset would fix it WITHOUT wiping out my entire life. My 650 has already bumped it's head once since I got it Friday but I'm not ready to return it just yet

    I reallly am a huge fan of Palm OS and in spite of my grumbling, it is good to be back.


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    Welcome to T.C. do a search for Resco Explorer or Filez, see if that's what your looking for...
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    There's also FileProg and UniCmd. I use UniCmd.
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    1. I use PowerRun to move apps to the card. To move files I use SoftickCard Export on my laptop or a PC Card Reader on the desktop. Card reader is an alternative to Softick. FileZ, FileProg or Resco Explorer will mange cutting, copying, pasting individual files.

    2. There's only so much they can include before $, space or complexity become a concern. Most of the stuff ya need is free or close to it so "no bigga deal".

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