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    Beeing a Palm owner since the Palm Pilot days, I recently got myself a Treo 650. As a whole, I'm very pleased, but there are a few irritating features... As a new TreoCentral member I'll start with one of them:

    When entering text a single "i" is always converted to "I" which may be convenient for the English language, but is totally wrong in - I suppose - all other languages. Is there a way to switch this feature off? I have searched everywhere but cannot find any solution.
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    What's wrong with "I suppose" ?
    or do I need some grammar lessons?
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    Oh, you misunderstood me - my English is not that good... What I mean is: I suppose the uppercase "I" is wrong in all other languages. That's why it would be nice to be able to turn it off.
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    no way to turn it off, put there is a work around.

    Type i and the space. When the treo changes it to I, hit the backspace twice and then space. it should stay as i.
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    Thanks Felipe,

    A workaround is better than nothing - I could learn to live with a simple one like this! No worse than all the other workarounds I have to do to produce all the weird accented characters my language requires...
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    Do a search for KeyCaps 650. Easy to use and free.
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    Of course there is a solution to that annoying autocorrection!! I've attached the files.

    Attached Files Attached Files
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    I'd love a program to edit/add/replace these substitutions. it would make an excellent alternative to Shortcut5 and it wouldn't slow the Treo down like Shortcut5 is reported to.
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    Just saw this in the MyTreo forums:
    Abbey of brighthand forums had written an autocorrect extension which shows up in the prefs panel. He had said its not fully fuctional because the backend source was not released by Palmone. I remember reading a post where he says he's ready to give the source code to anyone who is interested in developing it further.
    Thread link:,12279.15.html

    This would be so cool! Just think: you could set it up to substitute "eml" with your email address and so on. Any programmers out there?
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    You can already do emi and have your email address put in its place. I use ShortCut5 to do just that (actually, I have to put .emi to get it to work)
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    Check out my patch here:
    Now you can use the proper Palm shortcuts which don't slow your Treo down.
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