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    That's not borne out tho by historical sales figures.....I seem to remember large peaks in quarters where a new device is introduced then a slack off thereafter.
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    From the Brighthand article:

    Handhelds Not Smartphones

    It should be emphasized that these comments were discussing Palm's traditional handhelds, not the Treo line, which Gartner classifies as smartphones.

    Palm appears to be a bit more aggressive in its plans for these. The company's CEO has repeatedly said that there will be four new Treo models this year. One of these has already come out, but it is not yet known when any of the others will be released.

    Gharrod tried to pull a fast one there. If not, how did you miss the bold letters and underline?

    Anyways, in relation to the sales figures, I do agree that it's quite possible that the reason that the sales are less is because Verizon has the exclusive. If one carrier took 20% of the sales, that's a huge number. With all the Treos sold worldwide, 20% of their sales came from one phone on one carrier. That's significant. I guess it just goes to show that if you tell someone their phone has windows, they assume it's superior because their home computer uses windows.

    Honestly though, I think Palm could have a winner with the 700w, however, it's highly underpowered (memory) and tends to be less efficient (sparse one-handed operation). I think even without WiFi Palm could snag a big portion of the market if they fixed the problems with the 700w and let it be sold on carriers worldwide. Don't get me wrong, I'm waiting to see a 700p, but I think the WM operating system is more up to date, so to speak. I would look at the 700w if it weren't for some of the very serious issues with it (memory leaks, activesync, sparse one-handed operation, no native mac support, etc.)

    And now:
    My 700P will be better than your 700p!

    The n00b!

    P.s. Bow before me!

    Don't just see the n00b, be the n00b! Wait, no...
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