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    Not bad! I was hoping I would get some value for my 6 month old 650 when I upgrade to the 700. Mine was listed as $142. I said it was in "Good" condition because it has a few tiny paint chips on the top even though I keep it in a cover.
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    It actually looks like you can trade in any device - not just a 650.
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    Quote Originally Posted by heberman
    It actually looks like you can trade in any device - not just a 650.
    That's true; I'll change the title if it lets me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by heberman
    It actually looks like you can trade in any device - not just a 650.
    Yeah, I got the $142 quote also. I guess it's better than nothing.
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    I don't think I would get more on Ebay, especially with a new device coming out, unless I added a lot of accessories, which is silly, because my accessories will work with the 700P. The only thing that I bet will bring my value down is the battery. I sold my OEM battery because I have two Seido batteries. I don't know if it's worth it to buy a Palm battery to get the higher value.
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    I just thought about it, I can send them the OEM battery from the 700p (duh). I think I can get $200-$250 if I sell it to a friend. I have one who is jealous because I sold my Cingular Treo to my boss and didn't ask her first. Since she's with Sprint, getting mine would be perfect.
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    My 8MB graphite Handspring Visor Deluxe (excellent condition), my Handspring Treo 180 (good condition), and my PalmOne Treo 600 (poor condition) are worth exactly ZERO dollars in trade-in value.

    I was honest in the asessments and even tried upgrading the condition of the 600 to good, but still ended up with a goose egg.

    Lucky me, I have a Treo 650 en route. I'll turn to eBay and probably get back the cost of the 650 for my unused devices.
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    My m515 was quoted for $20, I'll keep it for the nostalga. I am definitely going to use this for my Treo 650, $142 is more than I thought I'd get for my 650. Thanks for the tip.
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    I'd bet you'd get more on Ebay than $142. I know in previous upgrades (Treo 300 and Treo 600), I got around $250. It seems like the prices are around $250-300 now, so maybe you'll only get $200-$250, when the 700P comes out. Then again maybe the trade-in value that Palm is willing to give goes lower than $142 as well when the 700P comes out.
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    This is a great find. When something like this comes out from PALM, you know a new device is really right around the corner now.
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    Not sure if this has been posted yet:

    I just received this e-mail from Palm this morning. I realize you have to purchase another phone from Palm, but the price they gave me is not bad. It beats the Sprint buy back price. I will also post over at Treo Central.
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    I might be mistaken, but hasn't Palm beendoing this for a while now?
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    Not to be skeptical of your link or anything, but HOW is this a "trade-up" program when they only accept Treo 650s as the highest palm listed. Unless you have a 650 this is NOT for anyone with a 700w looking to upgrade to the next and latest Treo.

    Also, they are willing to send you money for the trade-IN not UP.
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    The money they're offering for used machines is, to put it mildly, humorous. $33.00 for a Zodiac 2? I could put mine and its accessories on eBay and get ten times that much, if I wanted to sell it, which I don't.

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    I was getting really amped about this when.... I realized I am out of contract in july and I'm probably going to wait to pick up a P if its out. Does anyone think that the buy back price of the 650 will go down after the 700p is released?
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    Yeah, they should let poor 700W owners trade up to a 650!
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    You'd definitely get more on eBay.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mymellowman
    I might be mistaken, but hasn't Palm beendoing this for a while now?
    They have. I wasn't attempting to "discover" something that has already been there. However, I thought it was timely since many are contemplating the 700p while at the same time (like myself) wondering what to do with their 650. It was news to me when I saw the email this morning promoting it. I normally don't read the Palm Newsletters but that headline caught my eye.
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    Ebay would be the way to go its just I am not sure how long my 650 will last after I am done with it. I'D rather not put someone else in a bind like that. Then again thats a risk you run buying used. IMHO
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    You should definitely get more than $142 for the 650. Assuming you have the original box with everything that it came with, it would be as if whomever is interested in buying it is getting a new phone. Good deals can be obtained from carriers, but are attached to contracts. Buyers could get the best of both worlds by buying a used phone. I sold my 600 last Fall and got around $200, I believe.
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