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    We all remember Palm's announcement of hiring a new team to penetrate the business market. Is it working ?

    " Fortune 500 company Medtronic (Nasdaq:MDT), a global leader in medical technology, standardized its mobile sales force on Palm(R) Treo(TM) smartphones. Employees are using more than 2,000 Treo smartphones as a wireless reference, communication and selling tool to increase sales force productivity and to improve inventory management."

    My original thoughts were it would be a slow and daunting task but I am surprised at the success they have had so far.
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    darn, when I saw penetration in the title I thought....

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    I like those as well...

    In all seriousness, I can tell you that from our perspective, the uptake in the enterprise space to the Treo has always been there, though it was dramatically behind that of BB. There are many organizations that have not had press releases done that have deployed Treos in large quantity.
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    The Medtronic reps I deal with were issued the Treo several months ago. As most of us, they are pleased with what they can do with the device. I know a couple of cardiologist that purchased a Treo because the pacemaker rep kept talking about their device. It is not only Medtronic but a couple of other pacemaker companies have recently provided their staff with Treos.
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    I hope you been following the typepad section of PalmAddicts cause there's been a horde or medical apps last 2 weeks or so detailed on the board there.
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    gharrod, same here. I was thinking a new app using the Vibrate mode, what a dirty mind I guess
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    I can see that as a marketing tool for PalmSource....start a poll ....."Why do Porn Site Surfers prefer POS over WM5 ?"

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