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    NB : I searched for info on this error first.

    Treo 650...Sprint

    I can't open my phone app! Incoming calls will ring, but if I try to answer them, it goes back to the main menu. Likewise, I still have all my contacts intact, but if I try to dial a number, it locks up with a blank screen. If I try to start phone either by pressing the green phone button or selecting the "Phone" app, it just won't start. I am in the process of backing up and doing a hard reset, but I welcome any thoughts. All other programs work perfectly.
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    We would need more info. to be able to help. What 3rd party apps do you have? If you don't have any, then a hard reset should solve the problem (the app must have become corrupt), but if you have 3rd party software, there might be a software conflict.

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