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    After literally years of lurking here I have registered and would like to say hello and thank you. As you can see from my sig, I am a long time PDA user (since about 1982). I also am a long time cell phone user. I had the first hand held cell phone available in the US in 1984 - a unit made by Mitsubishi but marketed under the brand USA Corp by a small company of that name.

    I have waited for the Treo 650 since then! A combination of PDA and phone that worked as well as the separate units did. Being a Verizon subscriber I had to wait until they had the 650, and I purchased mine the first day the store had them.

    It is the device I have been wanting for over 20 years. I am totally pleased with its performance, which has been made exceptionally powerful and useful thanks to information I have gathered here on TC!

    One of my only frustrations has been not being able to see calendar dates in the search results (although every now and then they show up). After much experimenting I settled with IntelligentFind. The other night I was playing with some of the options on IF and my machine reset. For the first time, after the reset everything was screwed up big time!

    I am a very diligent backer-upper. First I hard reset and tried restoring from my Mac, which didn't quite work so well (the graveyard of old backups and old programs get reloaded). I hard reset again and tried by card restore from Resco Backup. 30 seconds later everything was back to normal. All my prefs, K maps and Java, everything was there.

    Except one small matter... I couldn't synch to the mac anymore! It kept resetting on the Tasks and quitting HotSynch. I tried everything, restoring the conduits from backups, various conduit overwriting sequences, etc. Finally I just set To Do and Tasks to Do Nothing.

    Still frustrated, I did a search here and found Bill Gamble's post about dbScan fixing problems like this. I downloaded the file he so generously posted and followed his instructions. Success!

    I am so impressed by this, and all of the other things I have learned here that I had to register today and thank all of you for your contributions. Although this is my first post here, I feel like I know many of you very well as I have been reading your posts daily for years.

    At TC I have first heard about (and now using) many apps like kMaps, DirAssist, Pocket Tunes, Resco Backup (WORLD CLASS PROGRAM!), and hardware such as the HBH-662 that I use daily (and works very well with my setup). Thank you all again!

    In closing this very long-winded post, may I add a few favorite apps of mine that I don't see as much mention of as the top favorites: Tube 2, Ultralingua, SeaTraffic (I live in the Seattle area), Teal alias, and eWallet.

    Thanks again, I'll try not to be a stranger!

    Psion Organiser II > Apple Newton > Palm III > Palm V > Tungsten T > Tungsten T3 > Treo 650
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    Hello Barry and welcome to TC!
    "Everyday is a Gift, A Blessing, An Opportunity!" - GM

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    Welcome aboard to TC. Good to hear success stories like this.
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    Welcome to the Family!!

    Well, welcome to being known by the Family.

    Cheers, Perry.
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    Right back at ya! The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

    Remember: "Anyone that thinks the Treo should just work right out of the box, shouldn't own a Treo..."
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    Quote Originally Posted by Insertion
    Right back at ya!

    Watchout for this simian friend. He is TC's unofficial jester.
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    Welcome...speak up often
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    Welcome to the board
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    Welcome to TC.
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    Enjoy your stay
    It's not that I'm so smart, it's just that I stay with problems longer- Albert Einstein.

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    Welcome to my nightmare....
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    One post in 24 hours? Ya gotta do better than that
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    Welcome to TC!
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    Quote Originally Posted by clairegrrl
    One post in 24 hours? Ya gotta do better than that
    Actually it's one post in several years Thanks to everyone for the warm welcome!

    Psion Organiser II > Apple Newton > Palm III > Palm V > Tungsten T > Tungsten T3 > Treo 650
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    Gotta be careful of the quiet types...never know what they're gonna do! :-))
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    hey, Welcome at TC Barry!
    - Jeeman
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    Welcome, Barry.
    T650 on Sprint's Wireless Wonder
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    Please search for a HELLO thread before posting a new one. Thanks (and welcome aboard!)
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    Welcome to the Treo addiction....
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