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    Good Morning All:

    General question here....if I purchase a license for PDANet on the Treo600 and then upgrade later to the Treo700W (or 700p) will the PDANet makers make me purchase another license for the new phone?

    With 7 months till I am eligble for a new phone, I know I need the PDANet software to work, and I hate to pay for two PDANet licenses in a year (it's not that I am cheap, I just gotta put gas in my car! )
    Craig M.
    Former Treo600 User
    No Longer Using a Treo, but Checking the Forums for Updates and such!
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    If you have gotten a license for the T600 already, then you definitely would need one for a 700w or the unannounced 700p just because of the differences in the memory structure and OS (700w).

    Check with the vendor for a prior user discount.
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    Those upgrading from 600 to 650 were required to buy a new license (new software) for the upgraded phone. I believe there was a disount of around $5.00 for the upgrade.

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