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    I know round 1 is over for HNL playoffs. But I'm in San Jose so I'm fired up for round 2. Regarless of how Sharks make it I'll be following all of the teams to the Stanley cup pretty closely.
    So the other day I got frustrated trying to figure out what channel the hockey games were on on Sirius (and what time) while I was in the car so I spent a little time finding schedules and web resources I could look up on my Treo. I though I'd share these helpful links. If you have some good sports links or whatever then feel free to share them. Otherwise I'm just sharing what I came up with.

    Best mobile site for HNL scores:
    ESPN Mobile:
    Yahoo Mobile:

    Conference Semifinal (official) Schedule (NHL.COM) - OK in Blazer

    OLN TV Schedule (186MB, but OK in blazer.)

    Sirius Satellite Radio Schedule:
    ("Printer Friendly Page", loads better in blazer)
    FULL normal URL:

    XM Satellite Radio Schedule:
    Printer Friendly (nice and small):
    Full Page:

    Also I have a little mini mobile site just for links. It's all personal stuff but I have this page which sums the above links up. Also I have a link "This page through google Mobile." Click on it, then click on a link and google will re-format any of those links for mobile browsers
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    Go Devils!

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