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    Folks I know there has been some discussion about this in the past, but has anyone figured out how to get this to stop? My auto sync works well, but I get this message every five minutes or so.
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    Delete all your accounts on your phone and in the palm desktop. Once you do that reset up your account(s) in palm desktop and resync.
    What carrier are you using? Be aware that if it is cdma and you are on the phone the fetch will not work. You can't have a data channel and voice channel open at the same time. How often are you setting your versa to fetch?
    There's always next year!
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    Thanks. I'm on the Cingular network. I usually sync each hour so I find it odd this keeps sending me the error message every five minutes or so.
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    I also read something on Palm's website about this occuring if there are over 1000 messages on the server. Do you know anything about this?
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    No, I don't. Do you have a thousand new messages on your server? If you do a get, it will try to download all the messages and probably time out or blow up. but once you have them and delete them from versamail it will only get new. Did you try removing the accounts and reinstalling them?
    There's always next year!

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