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    Since it is a Verizon phone, what good would unlocking it do? My understanding is that the only phones you can unlock are the GSM phones that use a SIM card.
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    what is the hack for the memory?
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    Quote Originally Posted by txschafers
    "...What good would unlocking it do?..."
    If the 700 W and P use the same hardware and only the OS is different,
    you could load up the palm OS on a 700w and WM5 on a 700p...
    But if you can not unlock the software you will not be able to write your correct ESN, WAP settings, and carrier stuff back to the phone, right?

    Quote Originally Posted by berdinkerdickle
    what is the hack for the memory?
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    There are hardware differences - for example the 240x240 screen that the 700w has vs. at least a 320x320 that the 700p would have.
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    If the only difference is the screen size, then maybe someone will figure out how to make WM5 see the bigger screen size, we could buy the 700p and drop the WM5 ROM on it.

    Everyone is happy...

    But the main questions are:

    Does the ROM have to be unlocked?

    Can the ROM be de-branded, and all options enabled?
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