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    ie...can I go from Palm OS to WM5 without having to hand enter all my addresses and notes.

    I've debated the switch from Palm OS but I hate to have to do 500+ entries. Can the data be moved easily?

    I have a Sprint Treo 600, but would like to go TMobile for GSM and world travel (unlocked phone).

    I have also thought of trading my beloved Treo for a HTC Wizard based device for the faster browsing and WiFi.

    If the 700p has WiFi in a GSM phone , I would never change, but I need GSM.
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    Sure you could transfer your contacts with no problem. As long as your Palm device is storing all your contacts in Outlook, which is a option. The WM device will sync with outlook for your contacts and calander. Hope this helps a little.
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    MS Outlook seems to be the main conduit of choice for switching PDA platforms in Windows. If all your palm data looks good in Outlook, then you'll be good to go.

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