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    My friend who works at the Kansas City corporate office said they had their Q1 employee meeting today where they discussed a variety of topics. New flip phone coming to Sprint (yawn), some hybrid phone that works on CDMA and another network, Nextel for their annoying chirp? And finally, they brought up the Treo 700. Release date is a depressing Q2, no specific date was given, June at the latest?. They also did not specify whether it was a 700p or a 700w. All in all, nothing we did not already know, just seems that Sprint themselves do not know much more than us, or they don't give that info out freely to their employees at quarterly meetings.
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    Wow no replies to this yet?
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    This is good news!!

    However -- I guess what we are all waiting for now (the believers and the non-believers) is the real announcement by Palm and Sprint. We are just sitting here waiting for the fat lady to sing -- one way or another.

    But I do love the news that supports my view of things!!

    Keep it comin!!

    Cheers, Perry.
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    So Perry, I'm too lazy to scour the forums. What's going to be the release date? My current plan ends May 22.

    I have a SERO account for my business. Do you know if when the 700p comes out I can call them and add another line with the same SERO plan and have the 700p?
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    I have $40 riding on the week of June 5th.

    Others deem me delusional.

    Pick your poison.

    Not sure if you can 'just' open a 2nd line on a Sero account and get the same deal on the new line. But it is certainly worth a shot.

    Cheers, Perry
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    I know with Verizon you can get the promotional pricing with a new line added for $9.99 a month. I did that with my 650. The only thing they don't give you a deal on is voice/data packages, those aren't available in family plans. But Sprint and other carriers may be different.

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