So I spent most of my Saturday trying to find new ways to take full advantage of what the Treo has to offer. I stumbled upon Gloonet while searching for a way to broadcast my XM radio.Now I know that there are ways on here if you look to stream just about anything but I wanted something easy. I just thought that I would write a post cause yes there is alot written about streaming on here but maybe some noob's could benefit from using this free and easy service

I shouldn't say that this is totally free, you do have to have pTunes Deluxe for this to work. All I did was go to the site, register and download the app and installed it on my computer this was nice and simple. After the install you have the app on the PC to run, it lets you configure where you want to have your audio come from, meaning you tell it where your mp3's are on your computer. I tried to use playlists, and I couldn't figure out how to get this to work exactly but I haven't been playing enough. Most of my music is sorted by folders anyway so I just went to the folder where I had a CD I wanted to listend to and selected that folder and away I went. All you need to do after that point is go to Gloonet from your browser on your Treo and log into your account, select the folder and it will start playing in under a minute. Like I said for a noob this is a great and easy way to stream your music collection right onto your Treo!

I recommend to check it out, its very nice!