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    Okay, just got back from the Walmart and I bought a little more than I expected, which I guess is to be expected when shopping at Walmart, duh.

    I picked up the colors I am planning to use, however I couldn't find the Kustom Kolor paints suggested by nonobeez. For the black base, I'll be testing Krylons Fusion for Plastic black satin. I know someone one here mentioned that there was a bad experience with it, so before actually applying it to my phone, I plan to test on some other objects. I've deteremined that a good candidate for testing material is plastic silverware. I found some that have the same plastic feel of the Treo body, if not just a tad bit softer and less resilient, but not those that bend easily - these snap if you try to bend them, so I'm going to test using these forks and spoons first before making the decision to apply them on the Treo's body.

    There are a lot of hard plastic items that can be used to test with; you just have to look around and see what you can use. Another idea I was going to test with was a hard plastic bucket - you can find these real cheap anywhere. A large one from Walmart is only a few dollars. Or, if you happen to have some empty un-used CD jewel cases lying around.. I decided to use the plasticware because they came in a large bundle, I can coat one entire fork or spoon and see what the results look like. If I don't like the way the first one comes out, I got 149 more to test with until it comes out right. Heh, that makes me think that I'll probably name the paint scheme after the number of the first successful paint test for each color. Since I have three colors, it'll end up looking like a locker combination.

    Additionally, I found a chrome paint, but I don't have a lot of high hope for it since it didn't give the indication of use for plastic. It's a Rustoleum product and since I'm obviously not not painting on metal, that's why my hopes are low; however, I did see a bit of the paint painted on plastic at the store aisle. Right on the end of the shelf where prices are usually listed, there was a bit of the paint sprayed onto the plastic covering the rail ends where they keep their price markers underneath and I did see a good amount of chrome reflection from the plastic. Since I only have small gaps to fix, I'm thinking that I can somehow manage using this paint to fill in these gaps.

    The last color is a surprise. I'll tell you what I used for the effect only if it works, so for now all I will say is that I bought a paint that has the Brand label "Color Place" written on it. Cross your fingers that what I have planned comes out nice. I'll be glad to share the recipe.

    I also picked up some sanding tools and the blue tape. Walmart had a Duct painters blue tape and a Scotch painters blue tape. Considering the peel issue I had with those skins, I decided to stay away from the Duct and went with Scotch blue painters.
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    One more idea I just had: Temporary tattoos. I'm curious if anyone has gone the extra mile to manufacture a temporary tattoo that could be transferred onto their phone, perhaps with the Palm Logo, or any desgin really, on the back of their phone? I remember doing this as a kid and being able to apply designs to more than just skin - designs could be placed onto books, metal surfaces like refridgerator doors, etc. Anyone ever thing about doing this?
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    They wear out pretty quickly, and get all sticky and yucky, or maybe I just suck at putting them on binders and stuff...haha

    But you did give me an idea...what if they were used as some sort of stencil? You know, put them on, paint, then rub off the tattoo and voila, "Palm Powered" or whatever. I dunno, just a thought.
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    yeah, unless you want a "glossy" look then one could "tatoo" their Treo and seal it w/ a clear coat
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    gold. I want to gold plate my treo.
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    very nice Doctor D! Never sa the need for a short antenna ,but your' do look smooth man !
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    It looks like it rocks! Well done.
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    Ddeath, what was your paint recipe for the body? I really like the way yours came out. That finish is exactly what I'm trying to end up with. Could you offer any pointers? You noted matt black paint, any particular brand?
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    No special brand. Just a normal matt black spray can that I got from the hardware store. Just make sure you sand the treo case properly so that the paint will stick and not peel off easily.
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    Cool, thanks!
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    well done dear

    your friend
    mari mar
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    Has anyone done one in all white kind of like an SE m600i, except with the chrome trim? If so, maybe some pics?
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    If someone does a white, might I suggest doing a "Herbie the love bug" styled paint job? I think that would be cool!
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    haha actually I wouldn't mind a White Tie Treo.

    Well, my dummy casing is coming in soon, and I'll get started on some painting when I have time. Thinking of either a black/light silver combo or...


    But I'm more likely to do something like these:

    Inspired by:

    What do you think? The mock-ups are ugly, but you get the idea.
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    I've delayed getting the paint work done because I'm waiting on the delivery of a new (or another, heh) unbranded GSM faceplate set. Once I have the spare, I'll begin the work.
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    My parts are gradually coming in. I just purchased a spare antenna for use with the soon to be black body, but it wasn't as black as I thought it would be per the picture I saw when I bought it from eBay. I'll likely need to paint this as well, but I remember seeing someone mention that they painted their antenna and reception was awful.

    Are there any specific tips that can be suggested for painting the antenna? dport, how is your work coming out? I think you were getting pretty much everything painted, antenna included. I'd like to see your results.
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    ummm..ive attached pictures throughout this entirew thread. i dropped my phone a few times since, so now it looks like ****. im waiting for the lennon and ima get a new phone, the 650 isnt cutting it anymore for me.
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    sorry to hear the news about the 650. Found those pics btw, sorry for the moment of absentmindedness.
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    My replacement body has arrived. I hate the fact that I'm sacrificing my old Unbranded GMS Unlocked factory PalmOne Treo 650 body since the replacement I got wasn't an exact dead-on duplicate, (yet unbranded and acceptable), nonetheless, the missing paint in areas of my old body is proof of a lot of wear and more importantly, a phone is a phone - Years later, I'll likely upgrade to something else so it won't really matter all that much. "650 whuuuut?"

    Sanding has now begun.

    +Kardboard+, how are you coming along?
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