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    Ok im getting a replacement treo in the mail tomorrow. My question is, will a hot sync put everything on the new treo or do I have to beam everything? or is there a better way of doing this. I hope the hot sync will transfer pretty much everything.
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    resco backup works excellent. Has a 14 day trial period. just install, backup to your SD card, and then restore to your new Treo.
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    A hot sync should work, as long as that's what you been useing to update your info. When my replacement came. I just did a wireless sync for all my information to get restored.
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    Hotsync is all you need to do (provided your last one was recent). Everything will be restored, but for maybe a few odd settings here and there.
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    thanks guys the hot sync did it all!!!!! guess iw as freaking out over nothing.
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    I updated my ROM today and then did a hotsync and some of my programs did not get restored. A SD backup and restore is the sure way...
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