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    If you get the Wall Street Journal (or have an online subscription), there's an article at the bottom of page B1 (by Amol Sharma) about this. I generally wouldn't have any qualms about it, except for one little sentence regarding Verizon:

    "According to the document, the Verizon wireless rules cover all content . . . even the names of the digital content files people download."

    The "decency standards" overall seem to cover the content that the carriers offer (ringtones, screensavers, etc.). But being able to track and/or take action on files people download seems to go over the line. I guess they can argue that since we're walking around with their branded phone, they can impose this type of rule.

    Now, where did I put that big, black AT&T behemoth of a phone with a rotary dial?

    Edit: This link to the article may work:

    If not, search for "wireless content" on Google news (with quote marks). It should be right near the top.
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    yep, what gets worse is that companies involved in email marketing have no choice but to comply.

    My company even has to get the carriers to agree to the individual wording on each of our sms related websites - you wouldn't believe the minutae they get into.


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