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    Please excuse this beginner's question, but I need some advice.

    1). I am on a Verizon plan contract that makes no distinction between data and voice minutes. They do not charge me the extra $45/month for data minutes on thisplan.

    2). I have had a Kyocera 7135 on the plan for 3 years, but it broke and was replaced by the insurer with a Treo 650.

    3). My son made a similar switch on his plan a year ago, and found that the Treo 650 periodically went out and automatically used data minutes -- thus using up all his minutes. He was unable to determine which function was doing this, and could not turn it off. All he knew is that periodically the phone was going out and uploading/downloading data for some reason. He says he added no third-party software while this was happening. Ultimately, he gave up and paid the extra $45/month.

    4). Does anyone know what would have caused this, and how this feature can be turned off it it can? I use the data feature only rarely, and then mostly during "free times" at night and on weekends. Since Verizon has agreed that I may keep my current contract plan until my contract expires, I want to do that if possible. But -- if the Treo is going to burn up minutes without my knowing it, then it will wind up ultimately costing me more to not pay the $45/month.

    Any help/advice on this would be greatly appreciated.
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    To my knowledge, the Treo 650 useing data minutes for sending pictures, e-mails, and internet usage. If you avoid these things, you should be ok, but the only way of sending a picture is thru e-mail. Verizon has a unlimited data usage plan for about $45, if you plan on useing any of these functions. Hope that helps.
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    I am still on the old plan from my Kyo7135 using minutes for my data. In general, do not set up Active Sync, make sure any e-mail program auto-disconnects at the end of every session. Manually select disconnect from Blazer, directory assistant or any other program you use that might access the internet.

    Check to see if you can use National Access without incurring data charges....some people can and some can't. If you can't, be sure to stick with a dial up provider for your access. Call #DATA from your phone to see if you have been charged kilobyte usage for National Access.

    Hope this helps.

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