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    I think there was a thread a few weeks back something like putting Palm OS out to pasture... Well here's an article from that reiterates it...

    Smack Down on Palm OS
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    I love my 650 and Palm, but I have to say, you really can't say that you're hi-tech with a Treo if you're runing Palm. I'm constantly looking for new killer apps, and they've been slow to come lately.

    It's not that we're sinking, it's that eveyone else is starting to step up!
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    Quote Originally Posted by gaffa
    I love my 650 and Palm, but I have to say, you really can't say that you're hi-tech with a Treo if you're runing Palm. I'm constantly looking for new killer apps, and they've been slow to come lately.

    It's not that we're sinking, it's that eveyone else is starting to step up!
    Well, Palm is definitely hi-tech, just overdue for some upgrading - perhaps using LINUX.

    There is a world of difference between being "ti-tech" and having the latest thing.
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    I think their is great potential with a linux port. Estimates put smartphones at about 20% of the market in 2008. 55% of the market will be 'Feature' phones, the only way you can truly enable mass features is with a good open system. IMHO

    Make my Treo capable of doing wordprocessing, and being a network sniffer. Give me WiFi and the ability to use multiple Bluetooth devices at the same time. Linux could offer folks like Shadowmite some real opportunity to expand networking, multimedia, and bluetooth. Now we're talkin!

    For hi-tech, stick this in your treo! :-)
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    Not quite sure how the article's point of a potential threat to Palm's dominance (31 % POS to 10% WM in US) can be interpreted as being "put out to pasture".

    ""The Palm OS was not optimized for video and multimedia. But it has a very strong following, and it's somewhat early to tell if Windows Mobile's support for multimedia is enough to entice traditional Palm users to jump ship," said Tim Bajarin, an analyst with Creative Strategies. "But they are going to have to continue evolving the Palm platform to be more multimedia-friendly" or risk such a defection, he said."

    I don't quite understand the attraction to MM on a phone .... kinda like thinking of gourmet cooking via microwave or toaster....but palm's 320 x 320 screen is an edge, WM can't yet match. Sure the current Palm OS doesn't have a strong MM bent but as a productivity tool, it's peerless.

    Both OS's excell in different areas. WM does so in MM, POS in productivity. If history has shown us anything tho, new customers are swayed by fluff and palm has to compete or lose this market segment. A new customer may be swayed more by the ability to play south park on his phone and not care for example that there is no way to remote wiper his device. His boss OTOH who has to approve this purchase, is going to be more concerened with the latter. I think that's why Palm is going dual platform and will support both OS's for the forseeable future.
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    my feeling is ....if Pos doesn't keep up it'll be like Netscape ;-0 got eat up by Evil IE
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    That may be the case like Netscape; however, since the first smart phone I had, a Sprint Treo 300 (in fact, the first pda), I use none of the frills. They are on the phone and registered, but hardly ever used for those purposes. There is one MP3 music file on the card, about 20 ebooks, and that's it. Mine is used for work and goes a long way toward increasing my productivity. Sure beats the heck out of a pad of paper in most siutations. Other than the niceness of Windoz integration, there are few if any apps in the WM5 world that really interest me and heck, I'm not even an Outlook user. Ben
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    i think the article is trying to point out, that it is easier to create programs for windows phones, because the multimedia apps are built in. while for the palm, the programmes have to go through 3rd parties.

    take orb, who had to partner with Kinoma.

    Kinoma cost extra. if you want to stream, Ptunes cost extra. SO the consumer might not want to take on that extra cost.

    I think there are a lot more ppl like bclinger than ppl who are looking for a "laptop" in your pocket.

    I personnaly like that there are third party developers out there for palm who can slug it for features and cost and let the consumer decide what they want to include.
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    all very good point,

    bclinger: I still use my Treo 300 and I still love it...but I do miss the mp3 and camera idea.

    Felipe: M$ always has been IN YOUR FACE, builtin, use me! I do like the Linux idea, kinda like Sun's Java that can run "everywhere". but that is probably 2-3 years alway for our POS.

    wondering why POS don't try the Open source route?

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    I find it odd that the PalmOS needs to be "put out to pasture" because it doesn't support the latest multimedia fluff.

    MobileTV? I don't need it.
    Native MP3 support? I don't need it. TCPMP is easy enough to install.
    Native DRM protected music support? I don't even want it and would remove it from my ROM if it came in there.

    Now granted something that had protected memory, multitasking, and whatnot would be nice. At the moment though the PalmOS does everything I need it to do and its fine with the features it has.
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    Also, there was a reference made to netscape being crushed by IE. That's true and not true. Netscape hasn't disappeared. Netscape is still around and still being used, especially by many companies. IE only "won" because of microsofts slimey marketing techniques. Most users aren't gonna download another exploring application, they're gonna use the one already built in. Since the majority of computers run windows, well, I think you can see where I'm going. I think Linux will be like Mozilla. It's far superior, but is still slow to be used. I think this is what we will see happen with Linux.

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