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    I just want to say that I love my Treo. I am sitting here with no power, in a nasty thunder storm, and I can still get my internet fix. Now...if it was only high speed...
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    Quote Originally Posted by BigPig
    Now...if it was only high speed...
    Patience Grasshopper, the 700p will soon be upon us.
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    I also continue to hold my breath for the 700p, I am waiting and trying to not turn to the dark side and go against every fiber of my being and go for the w, nothing wrong with it persay, but after paying all this money on Palm I would like to just have a 650 with EVDO, now that would rock!
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    Although I don't put much confidence in Sprint reps, a couple of them recently told me the new Treo for Palm should be out any time now. One rep said it should have already arrived, and that it's late. Another rep is guessing sometime in June. My personal guess is before Christmas so I can have a new holiday toy!
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    I was told by a 650 Vision Support team Member who I trust that the 700p will be upon us in June.
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    I am starting to wonder if the 700p will ever be released, or if it is mythical. . . kind of like big foot.
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    Im happy for now...I will wait for you all to work out the bugs first.
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    I can't say I "love" my Treo.

    I love my parents.

    I love my friends.

    But I only really, really like my Treo. :P
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    the 700p is like a "liger", youve heard of it but never quite seen one lol so for hi-speed net on ur treo "follow me to the dark side"! 700w rocks!
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