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    I was thinking to get a higher capacity battery for my sprint treo 650.
    Everytime I leave verichat on data, the battery dies out like crazy
    It wasnt so much of a drain when i was using a gsm treo 650, but i hated gsm and switched to sprint, which i like about a trillion times more except for the data/battery drain trade-off.

    for those who upgraded their you think it's worth it?
    how much of a diff. will it make? and which one should i get?
    I want to get one so i can use it with the 700p i'll be getting soon..i hope

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    No one knows the specs of the 700p or that it even exists, so any answer you get on it working on 700p is speculation. Some have heard through "reliable sources" but we don't have any hardware or FCC filings.

    If it uses the same battery as the Treo 650 and 700w the following battery from Seidio gives a significant increase in battery life and worth $40 to me personally.

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