This is not a question, rather info for those who are using their Treo on the Telus network in Canada.

After running around in circles trying to figure out why I couldn't send out emails from my Treo, I have finally solved the problem and I wish to share it with those who may need it. The error reports associated with this issue are 535 and 550. Those of you who have been receiving these when trying to send email will know what I'm talking about. Please note, the info below is for Telus serviced Treos ONLY.

When setting up your email account on your Treo and selecting from the preloaded ISP list, the OUTGOING email server may not be listed correctly. The INCOMING email server is something that should be provided by your ISP (e.g. Sympatico, Rogers, etc.), however, the OUTGOING server should always be Telus'. This server is:

Regardless of who your ISP is, the outgoing server will always be the one listed above (providing you are with Telus).

Hope this helps!