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    I have 4 email accounts on my treo 650. I get address rejected errors on almost all email I try to send or forward. I also don't know where to find another outgoing server address. please help in plain english.
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    In order to reduce spam; many ISPs block outgoing mail if you are not connected through their network.

    Bellsouth, for example, will not allow me to use their email server for outgoing mail on my Treo 650 because I am not connected through one of their servers.

    Comcast on the other hand does allow me send outgoing mail but I must use the advanced settings in VersaMail for server authentication.

    I would get in touch with your ISPs and find out if they allow you to send mail without being connected through their network and if so, what settings are necessary. They get asked this a lot so don't feel like the Lone Ranger.

    Hope this helps.
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    you may want to consider hosting your domain with a hosted Exchange service ( rocks) and the ActiveSync will get around that problem. The only issue I see is the ability to synch only one domain through GoodLink/ActiveSync. TMC will allow you to unlimited domain aliases...which is a great work around...but you have to own the domain.
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    I have two different accounts - one work and one personal. I have SBC/Yahoo DSL and that is also my personal email. I use the SBC SMTP mail server in Advanced settings on the Versamail setup - and authenticate w/my SBC account name and password. I am using Sprint and found that I could not send outgoing mail with my SBC email account w/o going back through the SBC servers.

    It is not clear above - have you tried this type of setup in Advanced settings?
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    Re. outgoing server address - this is not your ISP's (Internet provider) outgoing server, but your wireless network provider's (not sure in which country you live, but basically the provider with whom you have signed up for your plan). Call them up and ask for their outgoing server address.
    Hope this helps!

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