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    Have a look at this site also, i think you will find what you are looking for or else this site also consumes lot of information
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    The The Palmdoc Chronicles website might have some useful information as well.
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    I work for a company (MercuryMD) that was recently acquired by Thomson/Micromedex. MercuryMD offers hospital-based solutions for exactly what you describe.

    The first interfaces with the hospital to provide readable results and patient demographics, etc on any PDA (I use a Treo 700P). Another application is called "MData Handoff" that not only allows a place for notes and To Do items, but is automatically shared across a care team.

    I'd be happy to provide more information on request. You can reach me at



    Quote Originally Posted by RobGraves View Post
    Greetings everyone! I am looking for some feedback on using Treo's in a clinical setting such as a Hospital, Medical Office, Etc.

    Treo's are catching on quickly by our Hospital Administrators and various Senior Level Staff. I currently support 45 Treo's (both 600 and 650's). We currently do not use the device in the clinical setting or to document any type of PHI. They are strictly used for Email, Calendar, Phone and the occasional Epocrates.

    We have started to get requests to allow the Residents and other Members of our Medical Staff to use their personal PDA's to document patient info and notes so it can be transferred to the resident on the next shift. I'm not sure of the whole process yet, but they would hotsync to several PCs set up on the patient care wings.

    Here is my dilemma,

    We have no policy regarding PHI on a mobile device such as PDA, Treo or Blackberry. Has anyone out there come across a Policy to cover the HIPAA issues that surround this type of use. Our HIPAA compliance officer nearly had a stroke when I talked to her about it.

    Are there any good journal articles regarding the use of PDAs in a clinical setting.

    Any good 3rd party applications that you may be using to do this?

    I am told that with in the next 12-18 months they want to give each one of our residents and attending physicians a PDA or Treo. I really need to get my arms around this so I have a better idea on how best to support our medical staff.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    Rob Graves
    Catholic Health System
    Buffalo, New York
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    Another site with a bit of information - DDH Software -

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    TC's main page had an article about this if its redundant sorry but heres the link:
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    My hospital has already implemented the MercuryMD product Murph71 mentioned. We have that software running on Treo 650s, 700Ps, 700wx's, UT Star 6700s, Dell Axim, and plenty of Palm TX devices. Our Docs seem to really like the product, as well as our security analyst. We interface MercuryMD with Meditech in our facility and things work great and are plenty secure.

    Feel free to drop me a line, I'll answer any questions I can. eriktbritt at gmail
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    Palm press release may be of interest...

    AT&T, McKesson and Palm Team to Give Physicians Critical Tools to Make Clinical Decisions at Point of Care
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