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I won't doubt that we will see a GSM Treo, but do you really think cingular will put it out right away? They took nearly 5 months to put out the 8125. I just find it hard to believe that there will be a treo out for Cingular by the end of 2006. Plus with the Sprit Sero plans, cingular can not match them as for what they offer.
Unless Palm wants to give up the entire US market, and US's largest carrier, where else they gonna go ? T-Mobile didn't sell the 650 so who's left ? How do you release a GSM phone in US w/o it being on or able to work on Cingular ?

Sprint Sero plans are a short list....there's only so many employees to go around and they are limited as to how many each employee can sponsor. Also my recollection is that they are single user plans .... not family or multiuser plans which is where most of the market is these days.

The market will, or at least should be driven, by who can offer the best service plus the "fringe benefits". In NY-Tristate area, Cingular rules (I have phones on multiple carriers so can speak from expereince) but indepoendent studies have confirmed same. I would not consider Sprint "in this area" since they come up 3rd in reception and dropped calls here. In other areas, Sprint rules so where you are .... should determine what you buy.

Though I think, reception being equal, for many people there would a dollar value associated with:

1. 50% more battery life
2. Ability to travel internationally
3. No need to wait 2 years to get "new customer" discounts due to 5 below.
4. Most free M2M calls.
5. Ability to swap SIMS with cheapie phone.
6. No data cut off with phone call.

When I bought, CNG's family voice plan was $10 cheaper than Sprint's and Sprint's data plam was $5 more...net savings to me was $5 plus 50 extra minutes a month. The surprise was that

Phone 1 - 60% of calls free
Phone 2 - 35 % of calls free
Phone 3 - 70% of calls free
Phone 4 - 88 % of calls free

Simply put, there's enough variability in the the market offerings and in people's needs that there is no "be all and end all" choice that fits everybody.