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    Is there anyway to block calls from a specific number? I have a Treo 700w, and keep getting calls and these 2-3 minute voicemails from a spanish person wishing to reach her husband.

    I've answered the call before and specifically told her she had the wrong number, yet I keep getting called pretty much 2-3 times each day from the same person. It's getting rather irritating, I've even sent a text message saying "626 *** **** Is NOT the number you want. I am NOT your husband. Please do not call anymore." yet for some reason or another, she can't dial the right number!

    It's been going on for about a week now, I don't mind a few times... ok, so you can't remember your husbands phone number, thats fine with me. But this is getting rather stupid at this point.
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    try insearch for a call filter program for the 700...i use the 650 and have a program call filter and it does just what u want it to do.
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    andrebsd, let us know if that works for you...
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    i use call filter to do things like that. the newest version works well without resets, etc.

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