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    Is it a good idea to buy a sprint treo 650 from ebay?
    ----------Please post your ideas
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    I personally am not going to spend a few hundred dollars on eBay with a microscopic/miniscule/small/average/large/certain prospect of getting scammed (see numerous posts on TC about getting hammered by bad dog eBay sellers) when for a little bit more I can buy from the carrier, Palm, or Amazon. Any one of these will readily take a defective unit back. I can reliably guess that a promise of UPS delivery by any one of these will in fact be followed through with a brand stinkin' new Treo.

    I buy cheap doo-dads on eBay where if there is a problem I don't care.

    On the other hand I sold my benighted MPx-220 on eBay to some guy in Illinois.
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    Thanks, please disregard this post. I finally learned how to search post for similar questions. Thanks Again

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