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    Has anyone else had trouble with T-Mobile overcharging them for text messages that they did not send? I have 3 lines in my family plan (me, wife and mom) without sms plan and was charged on my bill for over 421 messages. I spoke to a tmo rep and i was told that these 421 messages came from my mom's line and that these messages were sent to the same number (refused to say the number). My mom does not even know how to send text messages. Tmo's only argument was that my mom's phone was able to call the same number that's why they were saying that these messages were valid. Any of you guys encountered this? Also, how should I contest this?

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    Either someone cloned your mom's number and sent those text messages using her account, or she's running a program that sends periodic text messages to poll the network at set intervals. I recall something like this happening with an AIM program on blackberrys. If there is no background program doing this and they refuse to give you the number to which the messages were sent, then go higher up the food chain to dispute it. Tell customer service you'll leave T-Mobile if this is not explained or resolved.
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    Maybe she signed up for one of those weather alarm thing?
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    They finally told me that they're going to credit me back the sms charges. I verified the number in my statement and was surprised that it was a landline. I guess it will be the disgression of the cusrep if he/she will return the charges or not. I'm happy now

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