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    I have had 4 replacements in 3 months. What a waste of time.... They WILL NOT - unless I was to put energy into making a stink bend form this - exchange it for a 700. Maybe I do not even want that. The 650 was Graffitiless. A disastrous move. I think the 700 does not either and that there is not jot type software ad on that one can use to write ion the screen. This keyboard business on such a small space is absurd. I am suspicious of the fact that only Verizon got the deal to sell the 700... Is it not because the 'known issues' - no resolve, are such that they knew they had to come out with functional item or die? Now I learn that they are producing 700 with Palm OS, is this standard with the wall a specific variable to Verizon, I need artillery to get these people to act equitably within there suffocating corporate largesse.
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    I couldn't agree with you more. I'm also a Verizon customer with a 650 (I beat you though, I've had six replacements). Verizon has very poor customer service, afterall, "replacement" phones are in fact refurbished. So basically, they're replacing my broken phone with another broken phone. Gee, thanks. Make sure you back up ALL important information on your phone, mine crashed and my info was erased! And how is Verizon dealing with this problem? They're sending me yet another one, because I am not "eligible" for an upgrade. Heck, if I don't fit the requirements for upgrade than noone must. Might I mind you, not only did I pay $300 for this phone, important irreplaceable information was lost.

    PS-- I wouldn't stop bothering them until they do upgrade you to a 700, they owe it to us all! (I know it is more so a Palm problem rather than Verizon, but it is Verizon's poor judgement to still sell this phone to customers). They need to yank it from the shelf and stop ripping people off.
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    I am about to recieve my third 650 from verizon. So far I have been happy with the CS staff about helping me, but if this one doesnt work I may not be as pleased with them anymore.

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