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    Major Firmware update coming for the Treo 650. (codename lowtide) It should be released shortly after Sprint starts selling the 700P. (This will be done to keep the Treo 650 platform competive)

    This firmware will include:
    - New application: "Get Blackberry Connect" to ease installation and configuration of BBConnect clients.
    - New application: "Get MobiTV" (This is a Cingular only customization).
    - FAT32 support (Allows use of the new 4GB SD cards)
    - Updated Bluetooth support. (New handsfree devices)
    - Pockettunes will replace Realplayer
    - WiFi drivers for Palm's WiFi card
    - Will add Drive Mode support (Allows your device to function as a USB SD card reader.)
    - Will free up usable memory by compressing the ROM image
    - Blazer update to support additional fonts
    - Will add Palm's file explorer
    - Launcher updates. Will add new memory management features in order to increase the efficiency and improve the useability of running applications off of an expansion card
    - Firmware update will also enable future "over the air" firmware updates.
    - Updated AddIT client to support buying and installing third party application software over the built in wireless data link.
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    Thanks for your first post. Please search for lowtide...

    wrong forum too
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    does this need merging?
    Just call me Berd.
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    Thanks... I guess I'm a day late and a dollar short...
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    Don't feel bad Brandorr. I didn't know about it so I appreciate the effort!
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