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    I have set up a note on the calendar with a time and a repeat interval, and checked off the alarm box. I have made sure that the sounds for the calendar have been turned on as well. I have turned off the keygaurd as well. The alarm for the calendar NEVER goes off, I get no sounds or anything. whats up with this? do I need 3rd party app to be able to use my calendar to remind me when to do things?
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    You checked the alarm "off"? Does the checkbox have a check in it now? It should. You should also check the volume on the alarm.
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    I had the alarm on. I found the problem. I originally made a note and didn't turn the alarm on, so I wanted to test and make sure the alarm did work. when I set a note "test" and turned the alarm on, the minutes that are set right next to the alarm check box I set to 10, thinking that this was a repeat interval. so with the reminder set for 5 minutes from now and the "repeat" interval set to 10 min I wasn't getting any response.........can you see where I went wrong? yes I am new to the treo so I am not used to the way things work and since the instruction book took me a few days to get through I didn't remember this little part. It seems that the minutes was the amount of time before the reminder that the alarm was to go off, so in five minutes the alarm was to go off 10 minutes wonder it didn't work. It does work now and it works through the keygaurd. Hopefully this is the only time I'll run into a keyboard actuator malfuntion.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Drizzt
    Hopefully this is the only time I'll run into a keyboard actuator malfuntion.

    Thank you Drizzt, made me smile!

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