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  • You can pry my Treo from my cold, dead hands!

    78 75.73%
  • Never could get that @#$*! Treo to work right and moved onto something else

    2 1.94%
  • I own a Treo, but it's no big deal to me

    23 22.33%
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    Balanced...Family, work, Hobbies, Treo and my notebook are competing...AS LONG AS I DON'T GET BOARD.
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    My kids call my Treo their step brother because I treat it like it's a member of the family. Come to think of it, I spend as much money on it as I do my own kids at times.
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    It's the way I get through my day. Check weather, email on the way to work in the morning. Get email and phone calls while at work. Use Dir Assist daily. Camera for "now I won't lose my truck in the parking lot", books for waiting in line, tunes at the gym. All day, every day. Like has been said already, 24/7.
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    My T650 is with me all the time...I mean ALL the time! About the only time I'm without it is when I'm sleeping or showering...but those are the only exceptions!

    I use my Treo more than my laptop...waaaaaaay more. Actually, about the only time I use my laptop is when I need to transfer files from my Treo to the laptop via the SD card. So my laptop is an extension of my Treo!

    I'm at the point now that if or when I have to do a hard reset, I feel very agitated that my Treo is blank with no information. I would then spend half a day putting back on all my favorite apps and files, and then everything is right with the world again!

    Am I addicted?? Uhhhh, yeaaaaah!

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    I took 3 cause I'd drop it in a NY minute if something better came along....nothing has. Also while I find it very useful, I don't need to be fondling it all day long trying to find things to do with it just so I can hold it ... or be seen holding it. You know the type .. the ones who parade around in the BT headsets in seminars, restaurants, weddings
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    Quote Originally Posted by audit
    I'm looking for a case for mine because I've dropped it a couple times and felt my heart skip a beat or 2. Just need to find something that isn't bulky.
    Try the Krussel Classic Form-Fit case. It's not perfect, but it protects everything but the antenna, and you don't have to flip open a lid to use the touchscreen or keyboard. Being able to swap the SD card and access to the reset button would be nice (b/c I have found you are most likely to drop your treo when dealing with these 2 things), but it's the best solution. Hardly adds any bulk to your Treo, either.

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    Thanks, I just ordered that case. Hopefully it'll protect my Treo when it falls 2 feet to the ground.
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    Let's put it this can have my wallet but if you reach for my Treo 700 you will be called Mr. Stump.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Keylock Kev
    Let's put it this can have my wallet but if you reach for my Treo 700 you will be called Mr. Stump.
    Noob humor...gotta love it!
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