I though it would help to collect some of our experiences
and guesses why Treos Reset, Hang or Have Delayed
Response. Maybe, such a post would be of help in
diagnosing problems faced by Treo users and also
understanding why their Treos behave in bizarre ways.

I start off with my personal experience:

  • One reason is that you may have deleted or corrupted
    (deliberately or by accident) some file in the RAM, and
    when it is requested by the some software, the Treo does
    the thing it does best: resets!

    Reseting results in the Treo uncompressing the ROM and
    reloading the RAM with fresh contents, so everything is
    fine, once again.
  • (more to come)
Hang (Endless Loop):

(more to come)

Delayed Response:
  • This happens especially when an alarm is "on" and
    the Treo is "Muted" You don't realise this
    as the only
    thing you find is the Treo is not responding.

    Many programs have a stupid implementation of the
    alarm function where you cannot interrupt the alarm
    once it starts. Be especially weary of Chimes,
    stopwatches etc.
  • (more to come)
As naive users of the Treo, we can only guess the reasons
why such things happen. Maybe the more knowledgeable
among us can help here.

- mvk