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    I got this in my email today from Palm...
    The smartphone you love. The email you need.
    Increase your productivity using the smartphone you love and the BlackBerry® 1 push email2 solution your IT department supports. Get BlackBerry Connect™ 3 on the Treo™ 650 smartphone.

    Get a Treo™ 650 smartphone* with BlackBerry Connect™ from SingTel at S$299 today
    Enjoy this exclusive deal when you subscribe to the BlackBerry® Unlimited Plan by SingTel ($61.95 per month).

    Limited to the first 200 handsets only. Phone prices are for new sign-ups or existing customers whose last handset upgrades were at least 21 months ago. Prices inclusive of 5% GST. Offer valid from 12 April to
    11 May 2006, while stocks last.

    For corporate enquiries, please contact your SingTel Corporate Account Manager or call the SingTel Corporate Hotline at 1800 733 7788.

    For more information, visit

    * BlackBerry Connect™ on the Treo™ 650 smartphone does not currently support Asian language
    environments. Model shown is standard colour. Colour of limited or special edition models may vary.
    Download of BlackBerry Connect™ for Treo™ 650 smartphone software is required.
    1 For BlackBerry Enterprise Server™ only
    2 Email requires data service from a mobile service provider at an additional cost.
    3 Certain BlackBerry Connect™ features not supported, including BlackBerry Internet Service.
    Conditions apply.

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    about the Treo, Blackberry connect, or the announcement ???

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