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    I am using a T600 with all m data being backed up ONLY on a backup card I insert into the SD Slot. I tried several times when it was new to Hot Sync the handheld withe computer but I always ended up with duplicate addresses so I got frustrated with it and started using only the SD backup card. I have about 1200 names and 60 - 70 calendar events and reminders at any given time. Now I need to convert the data (dropped the handheld and cracked the screen, but it still works) before it quits working. Thought I would just buy a used 600 and then I would not have to convert anything. Anybody have any experience to help me?
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    1. Read this

    2. Now if you getting dupes, it's because for some reason the ones on ya Treo are slightly different than the ones on ya puter. Then when ya sync, it wants you to have all unique records, so you wind up with 2 slightly different copies. So let's delete the ones on ya puter AFTER you copy that whole user name directory to a safe place. Once done copying, delete the followibf files :

    address.dat from C:\ProgramFiles\Palm\[your username]\address
    memopad.dat from C:\ProgramFiles\Palm\[your username]\memopad
    todo.dat from C:\ProgramFiles\Palm\[your username]\todo
    datebook.dat from C:\ProgramFiles\Palm\[your username]\datebook

    3. Go into HotSync Manager and selct "Custom". Change the 4 conduits to "handheld overwrites desktop". Now da Treo will overwrite the puter instead of synching it.

    4. That puts you at step 2 in above link....continue from there.
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    Thanks, I'll check it out!

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