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    I'm in the market for a new don't even want to know how old my phone is! I have been using a little Palm z22 to keep track of my calendar, contacts and a few memos that I need. I'm not a big game player and never even tried anything else on a palm. I use my phone all the time and am on it almost constantly, or at least it feels that way. I'm trying to determine what the best phone for me is. I'm locked into a contract with Sprint so switching companies is not an option.

    I would like to watch the cost factor as much as possible, too. I'm a stay at home mom to three kids. I do have a small business but it is very small and really I only use the calendar and contacts for it right now. So, basically, I had decided to get a 650 until I was looking around on Ebay and saw the drastic difference in price between a 650 and a 600. So...which way should I go? Opinions please?
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    I absolutely love my Treo 650, but honestly if I were on the phone all the time I would get a dedicated phone. The exception is, if you want to use a bluetooth headset. The Treo 650 would be perfect with a BT headset if you are on the phone all day.

    The reason I'm saying this is, the T650 isn't the best device to hold to your ear all day.

    Good luck!
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    Me = Nokia 5170/Palm III > Kyocera 6035 > Treo 600 > Treo 650 > Treo 700p > Treo 755p > Treo Pro > Palm Pre

    Wife = Treo 600 > Treo 650 > Treo 755p > Palm Centro > Palm Pixi
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    I own the 650.

    But despite the low resolution screen and RAM based memory
    of the 600, I would prefer it to the 650 as it simply feels so
    much better when one holds it in one's hand. It's cuter too.

    For USD ~100 v/s USD ~200, you could probably buy two of em.

    Having said that, the 650 is really good in several other ways;
    the interface is so much more refined, it is flash memory based,
    has bluetooth, a removable battery and the hi-res screen that
    is much more attractive.

    There are issues with reception (for some people) and the blessed
    head-set jack that is too weak (in the 650).

    With either phone, you should be mentally prepared for resets,
    reboots, lock-ups and iffy phone performance. If you absolutely
    depend on your phone - it appears that you don't - a Treo is not
    for you. The above "issues" have more to do with PalmOS rather
    than the phone itself.

    - mvk
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    Never had the 600, so take this with a grain of salt.

    Go with the 650 for the better screen, bluetooth and removable battery. As well, with the 650 you have a newer device -- so spare part availability down the road might be better.

    Price on 650s on EBay may come down as the supposed 700P on Sprint is supposedly announced in June.

    Cheers, Perry.
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    I think I'm leaning towards the 650. I wish I could wait until June when the 700 comes out, but I really can't. My current phone is dying and not sure how much longer it will last. I just don't think I can wait until then. I think I'll look into a 650 or maybe just buy a cheapie phone on Ebay until June. Hmmm, now that might not be such a bad idea. I'll have to think about that one and keep searching on Ebay!
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    I have owned both the 600 and 650. IMHO, the 650 is the way to go b/c it is easier to see with better screen resolution, and other reasons Perry noted above. Plus, I've already heard that Sprint, for example, is replacing damaged 600's in the insurance progam with 650's. So, you might as well start with something that is likely to be supported longer by your carrier dujour.

    It is perfect for a small business. It is very helpful to be able to email or call a client right from your contat list, and to add them to your contact list from incoming emails, phone calls.

    Also great for getting emails and and surfing the web in the spare moments that your kids arent driving you nuts!
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    I have owned both as well.

    While it has been mentioned in other posts, the removable battery is important. Remember, rechargeable batteries have a limited life, and being able to swap it out when it dies is nice (assuming you will keep your phone for a more than a year or two).

    The higher resolution screen is great so you can view more text on the screen at a time. Moreover, everything looks better and is easier on the eyes (less eyestrain).

    The camera on the 650 is one of the best on the market. Pictures taken consistently look better then other camera phones (even ones with higher resolution). The 600 camera really does not work well unless you are in bright sun light.

    I wouldn’t buy the 650 for it BT. I think this is weak spot on a 650. I have had limited success with BT headset and frequently get static and terrible sound (despite trying four different headsets).

    The microphone placement on the 650 is much better.

    Finally, this is the first Treo I have owned that had needed to be replaced multiple times for manufacturing defects. (Treo 300 replaced 4 times, Treo 600 replaced 3 times, 650 perfect since Dec 2004).
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    I talk on my 650 all the time via bluetooth. I dont have many problems. I have Sprint and some Cingular customers dont sound as good as landlines or other carriers on the BT headset. But, overall, I am satisfied. I dont have a landline, and I talk all the time for business and personal. I use the newest H500 by moto.

    PS. I have the newest version of Volumecare install which isnt supposed to help bluetooth, but it makes the phone better overall.
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    I think you should get a 600 and hold you over until the 700p is available. That is, if you can find a 600 $150 cheaper than the 650. If the price difference is $100, then it's not worth it. Go with the 650.
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    Frankly if I was buying today....I wouldn't buy today and I'd wait another 45 days or so and get a 700p. The 600 is just too old and I skipped it cause it didn't have BT....the idea of walkin ga round with a wire attached to my head was more than I was willing t put up with.

    And with 650's going for under $100 with contract incentives, I don't see a 600 being a good investment.
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    Greenhex - I disagree - I have had my 650 for 4 weeks now and WAS prepared for resets, trouble, etc. and have had a good experience. The only problems I have had is installing iffy programs. Install some of the solid basics and use it correctly, and you should have a solid phone.

    I am on Sprint - and I see no issues with calls. It is a little less crisp than my LG, but it is fine. And I really can't tell THAT much difference with, or w/o Volumecare.

    Apanther - I also have the H500, but I think my connection stinks - except in the car. Glad to hear it works for someone! BTW - do you use it in an area with WiFi?
    It's not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change” - Darwin
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    I would highly advise against your purchase of a Treo. As I'm sure many will argue with me, I've had nothing but problems with my Treo600. Most recently, ALL of my information stored in the device was erased without warning. You should also check out the law suit that was recently filed against Palm concerning both the 600 and 650 models. However, if you are already convinced with purchasing a Treo, I have a few suggestions for you: First of all, purchase the 600 model. That way, when it breaks (notice the word when), you should be upgraded to the 650 model by your wireless carrier. I know that is not the most ethical suggestion, but many customers have been, well, jipped, so I say milk them for all they're worth. Secondly, be sure to purchase the phone with the insurance policy. I know, you're thinking 'But that's how they make all their money.' I assure you it will be needed it at some point, and $5 extra a month has never been better spent. And lastly, do not rely on the phone as your primary "filofax" (for lack of a better word). I cannot stress this enough. Be sure to back up all important information that cannot be lost. I know this advice may sound very harsh, but I wish I was advised to save all of my contacts, being that they're all gone now. Also google "Treo 600 problems" or a similar search and check out facts related to the treo, additional discussion forums, defects, etc. Although many websites are pro-treo, I would say there are many more that are anti-treo, and this is for a reason.

    Now, before anyone attacks my reply, I will acknowledge that there are indeed satisfied Treo customers out there. As with any product, there are always good ones and bad, but six phones in eight months all with defects? Seems a little farfetched to me. Who knows though, it would be characteristic of my luck.

    If anything sticks in your head, let it be this; the cons GREATLY outweigh the pros. I would be happier with a $9.99 Nokia from 1998 right now, and that's coming from a very high maintenance woman. Just do your research, please please please.
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    per rachel - don't get a 600! Not had any problems w/my 650 though. I think the latest sw updates have taken care of any class-action lawsuits.
    It's not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change” - Darwin
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    it's no horse race whatsoever. After 2 years with a 600 I can tell you that my 650 blows away the 600.
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    I just read the harsh post above mine. I travel 3-4 days weekly. I see many,many people with 650's. I chat with most of them. I have NEVER had anyone say a negative thing about their Treo. Try reading Walter Mossberg in the WSJ. He says Treo is the best. Nothing's perfect. I've had a treo since the 300 came out. I wouldn't give mine up for anything.
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    If money's really and issue, and you can hold out, waiting until the 700P comes out and looking for lower prices on the 650 might make sense.

    Comparing the 600 to 650? I've had both. I think the 650 is worth the extra cost for several reasons. But it reallly depends on how you'll use the device. The high res screen is nice, but certainly not critical for phone or most PDA use. It does make big difference viewing web pages, if that's an important use for you.

    The keyboard on the 650 is much, MUCH better. If you'll be using it for more than just entering appointments in the calendar, the keyboard is reason enough to buy the 650. In fact, I planned to hang on to my 600 until I tried the keyboard on the 650. That sold me.

    The removable battery could be important if you can't frequently charge your treo, as could the NVRAM, although I don't recall ever losing data due to a dead battery on any of my Palm devices.

    I don't understand Greenhex's comments about the shape. The two phones are virtually identical. I can barely tell the difference holding one in my hand vs. the other.

    I don't agree with most of Rachel's comments, above, but she does raise an issue. While I think the vast majority of Treo owners are quite happy (both my 600 and 650 have been trouble free), it is a more complex device than a normal cell phone, and some people have had problems.

    The Treo rewards someone who's interested enough to read the manual, browse forums like this one, install some third party software, and maybe tinker a bit. It's probably NOT the right device for someone who can't figure out how to program their VCR (or even set the time on it), or for someone who has to have their wife/husband/boy or girlfriend/child program the phone directory in a normal cell phone.

    Good luck with your decision.
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    650 if you cant wait for the 700
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    Quote Originally Posted by meyerweb
    I don't understand Greenhex's comments about the shape. The two phones are virtually identical. I can barely tell the difference holding one in my hand vs. the other.
    I somehow feel that the 650 is slightly heavier than the 600.
    Also, the 600 has a cuter, er... backside, and for some reason
    it feels slightly slimmer.

    I agree with you on the keyboard buttons though. On the 600
    they are just hard enough and the layout is just a bit off, to
    make one's hand pain after some typing.

    The layout of the keyboard buttons may look similar, but they only
    look that way. The slight curve and the right amount of feedback
    pressure of the 650 buttons make for much better usability.

    However, the hard-buttons on the 600 just have the a kind
    of "squishiness" to them making them a pleasure to use. The
    650 the buttons, on the other hand, feel slightly cheap, tacky.

    Yeah, I guess there are +ves and -ves with both the 600 and
    650, and when push comes to shove, I would go for the 650,
    though I am a bit partial to the 600 (I've never owned one too...)

    - mvk
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