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    Hello, I am considering buying a new/used Treo 650. Primarily I would like to use it for web/organizer/IRC/ssh. Does anyone here know if Telus (in Ontario, Canada) have tcp-ip opened up to allow for IRC/ssh? From what I hear Bell is, and Rogers is, but no one I have talked to has said if Telus does.

    The reason I specifcally inquire about Telus is because I am finishing off a contract with them, have had no problems with customer service/phone service, and would like to stay with them if possible.

    Thank you in advance for your responses!
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    *bump* I hope someone knows...
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    How about calling and asking them? You did say they offer good customer service, right? Put it to the test!
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    Hi Jeff,

    I have a Treo 650 on Telus in Ontario. Can confirm that SSH and IRC works fine out of the box, they don't block it.

    FYI (somewhat unrelated) the only thing that was blocked for me on Telus was VPN (pptp). You need to call their data department and specifically tell them you need VPN access on your Treo. They then adjust your account to use a different pool of IP's... after that it all works fine.

    Hope this helps.


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