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    Quote Originally Posted by mikec
    Anyone with caller ID of 0000000000 is a SCAMMING THIEF.
    They fake their caller ID.

    These scams are run out of sweatshops in India and other countries where this activity is condoned as a normal business pursuit.

    They do this for phishing for credit card info, trying to transfer domain names, and other nefarious activities that deserve to be punished by chopping off the body part of your chosing.

    I usually have fun with them, and try to get as much information from them as possible....I'll give them fake cc: number, and watch them say "thank you, the payment is complete. (and of course, my fake address and other info).

    That, or I start on the "you do something for me" route. When they ask for the fax number, I ask "if I give you that, can I eat curry off your naked body? You sound very attractive, and you must be very intelligent to be working for Acme Co., and that really turns me you have sister?" That sort of thing.

    Or fake a "happy ending" while on the phone..."please keep talking...can you repeat what you said..."oh, your voice is so sexy...can you say that again? Again...again....unhhhhhhh!!!!!!! oh, that was great what do you want? Oh sure, he's my credit card number...."

    It is amazing how long they stay on the phone.

    Sometimes I fake being deaf, just to exasperate them. Or ask them, "have you seen the movie Ghandi?"

    Another line that works wonders is "If I have a rupee for every time on of you monsoon monkey-boys called me, I'd have enough to buy some English lessons."

    The opportunities are endless...and the longer they stay on the line without getting the info, the longer they get beaten with a shoe by their handler for wasting phone time.
    Thats really Evil!
    I like that.

    I herby officially invite you to be an honorary member of "Evil Genius Bastards Organisation" (EGBO).

    Simply provide us with your full name, address, day time phone number and we will send you the invitation.
    Please include your credit card number & exp date for age verification purposes.

    Thank you.
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    Some common sense rules to follow....You computer-savvy people should really know all this...

    1. DO NOT EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER give out your credit card info, password, SSN, birthday, mother's maiden name, or any other important info to someone that calls, texts or emails you.

    2. If you think such a contact could possibly be legit, call the bank or whatever on a number you get out of a paper phonebook...DON'T ask them for a call-back number and assume it's to the place you think it should be...

    It is ingrained in our nature to be polite and trust authority, but in this day and age, that will get you screwed, and you won't enjoy it either!
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    When I get calls like that I answer them and mess with them. I would act like i am playing along. "really, my account is late? can i pay now?" I give them fake info and the whole nine. Then I say, this is agent so and so of the FBI, office such and such. I would like your name, your supervisors name, and company info. i have held you on the phone long enough to run a trace etc......

    That should solve your problem.
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    About a month ago, I started getting calls from "0000000000", too, and just let them go into voicemail but they never left a message. When it increased to 6-10 calls a day, I got BuzzOff just to stop the interruptions.

    Legitimate phone numbers will either show up, or show as "number not available", or "blocked", or terminology to that effect. It won't just show up as zeroes.

    And ditto what Dalai said. Never give out any personal info to anyone who's called you. I once got a voicemal from my bank (supposedly) saying that there were unusual charges on my account and to call back right away. First, I checked on line and everything looked fine. The callback number they left was one digit off from the bank's customer service number. When I did call the bank at the real number, they said they'd never heard of anyone calling about "unusual charges" it was not their policy. But they would call and verify an unusually large purchase for the account.
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    Every now and then, I would get a call with some ridiculous number like "777-999-9999". When I answer the phone, the only thing I hear is a "beep" sound every two seconds. If I don't answer, the "beeps" would just go to my voicemail. I don't like it because it eats up my minutes.
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    That sounds like a fax machine set on autodial. Had that happen to me several years ago on a Samsun (no BuzzOff or CallFilter for it!). It did eat up minutes. Very frustrating.
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    Did you change your number when you gave up on your Samsung?
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    Heck no. Have had the same number for 10 years. Same one as my original phone.

    After a couple of weeks, the calls stopped. Two things I did (may or may not have made a difference): answered and hung up right away when it happened during the day; and turned off the phone at night. Most of the calls were late night/early morning.
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