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    I have had service through my school district and they are no longer providing that plan as of next month or when our service contract expires, which ever comes last.

    Which carrier would you go with in the D/FW area if cost wasn't a factor? I currently have a Treo 650 with Cingular.
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    I personally lean toward Sprint as a rule of thumb, depending on local cover. The BIG reason is how cheap the data plans are. I have been Sprint since around 1995 and have looked around see if there was another carrier with a better plan, coverage, and data......but each time I end up staying with Sprint.

    Sure they have had their fair share of screw ups with my account, but by the end of the day they have always come down on my side of the issue.
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    It changes week to week but cost is one consideration. When I signed on, CNG was $5 more for data but $10 less for voice plan and had 50 minutes more than Sprint. Three months later, Sprint was matching voice plan price(still 50 less minutes tho) neither offers this voice plan.

    Reception is the main determining factor. Besides that all else dwindles almost to insignificance. I keep a 2nd phone on Verizon as backup in case I get a CNG dead spot but haven't used it since April 2005.

    Make sure you note the technical differences between CDMA and GSM.

    GSM for example can't use audio output from jack and BT headset at same time. OTOH, GSM phone batteries last 50% longer, you can swap SIMS so you can carry cheapie phone instead of th eTreo when doing boating, biking, fishing whatever. GSM goes international and GSM doesn't lose data connect when voice call comes in.

    But again, w/o reception, those things don't much matter.
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    Jack brings up good points about GSM. I live in Austin and I believe that Sprint's coverage is the best in Texas - but I have been with them for 8 years, so I have not tried anyone else in a long time. But my friends on Cingular and Verizon complain a lot. For the Dallas/Ft Worth area, you'll have great coverage with either service - it probably just comes down to which service/features/cost are more advantagous for you.
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    Coverage in your area is, of course, paramount. I have T-Mobile here in the wilds of northern New Jersey and love it. You can't beat the T-Zones data plan at $5.99 per month.

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