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    I have a Cingular Treo with the CNG ROM customized to remove the default Cingular apps. Am I able to install the ROW or ENA ROM to my Treo? Is there any benefit to installing one of these other ROMs over the CNG ROM?
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    I know someone knows the answer to this one!
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    Hey Biscuit,

    No answer to your question. Just another question, when you created the custom ROM you are using did you start with the Cing 1.17-CNG update->extract->feed into the ROM tool? from Shadowmite?

    Since we are using the Cingular locked phones could we use the "unlocked" 1.20 ROM updater instead of the 1.17-CNG version mentioned above?
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    When I did it I used the newest Cingular 1.17 ROM available udated on my device then downloaded using the new easy Rom tool. Very Easy to do. Secondly, I am trying to find out if we can use the unlocked ROM's on our treo's.

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