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    Is this possible? I have the simple BT headset for the treo and wanna know if I can use it somehow on my computer as a headset. Anyone try this?
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    Yes, very possible. I never did it, but I was going to and decided I didn't need it so I don't have too much insight on it. If you Google "BT Headset with a laptop", you will get plenty of sites/forums discussing how to do it. A lot depends on the BT drivers you have installed and what 3rd party software you will be using with it. The various Skype forums have a lot of discussion on it.
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    Plantronics markets several setups as well as, IIRC, iGo which will work on mobile phone, office phone and PC. Check those out to get an idea of how it all works.
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    Excellent! Thanks for your help!
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