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    How you all.

    I'm quite satisfied by my Treo650 (it only reset from time to time). I learnt how to use it very well, but only one thing I'm missing.
    I set Mail to check automatically new mail every 30 mins. Now... I see that after it chack for new messages the GPRS connection (the two green arrows near the signal bar) stays always on. The only way to disconnect it is to select "disconnect" from the Mail menu (or under Preferences... Network).
    Is there a way to automatically close the GPRS session?
    During the time from one email check and the next one, while the phone DL or UL some data? I'm asking you this coz I can let the phone "always connected" but I don't want to pay tons of euro for GPRS traffic.
    Thanks alot to you all,

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    Unless there is a transfer of data (you send e-mail, receive e-mail or browse the web) you shouldn't be charged any costs.

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