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  • Never dropped

    14 14.14%
  • Dropped but OK

    32 32.32%
  • Dropped and scratched

    40 40.40%
  • Dropped and damaged

    6 6.06%
  • Dropped and destroyed

    4 4.04%
  • Dropped but in case or skin

    16 16.16%
  • Almost dropped...

    9 9.09%
  • Thrown agains wall or floor

    3 3.03%
  • Still in box

    0 0%
  • Other

    1 1.01%
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    I dropped twice. Once while talking on the phone and it was hard fall. I closed my eyes and when openend thinking everything would be apart, battery, screen, etc. But to my excitement everything was ok. I pick it up and was checking if anything damaged but I heard the person I was speaking to was still on phone. I completed the call and checked for any damage but couldnt find any. Second one was when I was listening to mp3 on ptunes on audio gateway. It fell out of my hands while I was on treadmill working out. It fell on side stand, to treadmill base and then to hard floor. It still played mp3 on my bluetooth stereo headset. I do have scratches to verify the fall for this incident . But as far as my experience goes Treos are tough.
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    Tonight, in the most frightening moment of my Treo experience (going on 4 years now) I dropped my month-old Treo 650, it fell four feet on to a hard surface, bounced over a ledge and fell another 10 feet on to a hard concrete patio (proceeding to bounce several times and land 6 or seven feet away).

    After overcoming my horror, I managed to retrieve the Treo and found it working fine with just a small scratch on the back of the phone!

    I was lucky--I know I was--but I was still impressed! I have been involved with mechanical design for a number of electronic devices and this is something that doesn't happen without some careful design and quality control!

    Curious if anyone else has had similar experiences (positive or negative).

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    nja, yes, you are not alone, see above.
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    It's funny how I have started dropping my Treo 650 GSM more often, as often as once a week.

    I started dropping my last phone, just before the GSM 650 came out.

    Go Figure.

    My subconscience says it's Time for a New Phone.
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    I've dropped my 700w to the point asurion canceled my @f you have verizon, don't buy their casesm both drops were while they were in verizon cases and fell out of them. after the last fall I got the insurance replacement and sold it and got me a Q but 2 months I came right back to the treo for more, but have yet to drop this one.
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    dropped in water.

    it sank.

    still going strong.
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    I have never dropped my treo...knock on wood, and I hold it on my shoulder using my face to hold it in place while both of my hands are doing something else at times...several times I was carying groceries with both hands out of the store with it on my shoulder using my face sideways to hold it all the way to the car and I still don't drop it. I am also not a worry wort when it comes to my 700, but I am a very carefull person. I think the more you think or worry about dropping will drop it. I have BSE which gives you a good grip. I never dropped my 600 and havent dropped my 700...something about the amount of money this device costs makes me carefull plus I use a horizontal case with belt clip and it keeps it secure when not in my hands...I don't keep it in my shirt pocket, thats an accident waiting to happen, and I don't keep it in my pant pocket.
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    Dropped it again.
    Battery Cover popped off, battery flew out.
    Still Works Though

    Come on Cing, Release Something.
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    Dropped it a few times. Many of them due to the crappy belt clip. I swear to never use them again. The screw always come off over time no matter how tight it was screwed on originally.

    They need to have a deeper hole with more grooves to keep the screw in better.

    I now have it just in the metal case and put it in my vest pocket. Safe. Never dropped since.
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    Dropped it a ton of times. I've had a 650 for almost two years and I was on my 7th replacement with funny things going wrong with it all the time. I give it to my friend ONCE and she drops it and CRACKS THE SCREEN. Now it's no longer covered for replacement!
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    I have dropped my 700P a couple of times... not many... but they have been fairly hard falls from only about 2 or 3 feet.

    Curiously, each and every time the *latched* battery door flies off, the battery flies out, and the SD card comes out, yet the Treo, once put back together, runs perfectly sans a scratch or two.

    Is this by design you think? Is that battery cover designed to absorb the fall and protect the rest of the innards? And the ejecting battery and SD card eject to protect the data?

    Hmmm... it's Friday and I'm thinking too hard.
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