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    Quote Originally Posted by surur
    While I enjoyed Ksteward's avatar I did not really feel it was appropriate for my 8 year old daughter to look at. She frequently snuggles with me while I surf these forums, and that big **** did make me feel rather uncomfortable. The new one is even worse. Imagine the questions- 'why is ksteward lying there with her bottom in the air?' The solution was however quite simple, and did not involve PM'ing ksteward. I simply added his avatar to my blocked ads list, and it disappeared from view. Kids protected without infringing on the right of adult (except myself unfortunately ) to enjoy the view.

    I Totally respect that...I have a 11 year old daughter. I purchased her a 15" notebook of her own. She likes my notebook because I have the big 17" wide screen and its desktop power that I demand. NOW I AM WORKING ON GETTING MY WIFE A NOTEBOOK TOO.
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    Quote Originally Posted by duanedude1
    <<The Movie or the fictional Christmas Character?>>

    Santa is too, real! The Easter Bunny told me so!

    Now remember when you say that Sprint Reps don't know anything- I'm sure Dragonman knows, but ain't talkin'!
    Oh great:

    Santa Claus
    Easter Bunny
    Tooth Fairy
    George Bailey
    Walter Mitty
    Sprint Treo 700p

    See any pattern here?
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    I know Big Foot is not imaginary, he is real, i will see bigfoot March 21, 2006, i will will it to happen.

    Just read through all this documented proof. Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization
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